One of the Best Ways to Feel Good Is to Wear Clothes That Fit

Nearly all people struggle with insecurities in one form or another. If you don’t, then you are the odd one out as we all have issues to deal with. There are plenty of things out there to be insecure about. There are also plenty of situations, events, and people that we can blame for our insecurities. However, the fact is that our insecurities are our own creations and the best way to deal with them is to accept who we are, stop trying to be someone else, and stop blaming others for what we are.One key trait that nearly all of us, women in particular, take issue with is our bodies. Inadequacy is drilled into us every day and in every way. Advertisements are constantly telling us what we can be, which eventually drives us to want to be, and with their products, it will be. However, this type of advertising also states, that we currently are not. Advertisers also know that achieving what we can be is not what we really makes us happy, what makes us happy is the belief that we are doing all we can to achieve what we can be.What this means in the realm of consumer purchasing and beauty is that as long as there is something newer and better always coming out, we will always keep buying. In the field of technology, new offerings are driven by innovation, because the quality of the product is readily perceivable and tangible. In fields like health, beauty, and fashion, there is no need to improve the product; you just need to change your focus. One month Vitamin D is the great panacea, the next month it is Vitamin C, the month thereafter, it is Vitamin B12. But finding out that Vitamin D is the great panacea will not make us happy, what makes us happy is that we believe that Vitamin D is the great panacea.There are many things we can do to reduce that influence the outside world has on our insecurities. One is to stop listening to them. Find ways to avoid the barrage of advertising that is out there. Another is to accept who we are and act accordingly. In the case of weight, accept that not all body types are the same and then find clothes that work with your body type. If you feel that you are overweight, the easiest way to reinforce that opinion in yourself and in others is to wear clothes that don’t fit. If your pant size is 10, then the size that you should wear is size 10, because size 12 pants will be baggy and make you look overweight, and size 8 pants will highlight every excess pound also making you look overweight. The same goes for shirts and shoes. If you need wide shoes to be comfortable, then find a nice pair of wide shoes. Anything else that is too narrow will be uncomfortable and serve as a constant reminder to yourself that your feet are too wide. So while the truth is that your shoes are too small, the perception is that your feet are too big. When you stop trying to fit into someone else’s shape and find what works well with your body you will feel better about yourself and be happier.

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